Auto Insurance Provider

Auto Insurance Provider


This customer was looking for a CRM system to alleviate business pains that included customer and agent interactions and inefficient processing of calls. Their agent interaction was lacking when it came to identifying the caller and retrieving their associated contact information and insurance policy details. This resulted in slow customer and agent interactions. Additionally, their call processing was inefficient and time consuming, requiring agents to use an internal database with an outdated user interface.

The organization wanted to provide a better customer experience by improving quick access to contact, policy, and quote information. This would be accomplished by implementing a CRM solution that stayed synchronized with the internal database for their 2,500 users across the U.S. and Canada.


The customer selected PowerObjects to implement custom screens in Dynamics CRM for caller validation. The screens were designed to filter incoming calls to their agents and identify the caller by comparing caller-provided information to the data within CRM in order to validate the caller. The development of custom screens would validate callers; search policies and insurance quotes; and display this information in a clear format. Validating the caller would be a one-click operation that would transfer the session via eBus to an internal policy handling system. This solution was first implemented in a policy-centric approach and modified in a later implementation to a contact-centric approach, meaning that all of the data associated with a policy or a person can be displayed at one time. This 360-degree view includes all contact, policy, and quote information.

Some features include the ability for agents to take incoming calls and create a contact or policy-centric search for sales and service profiles as well as the ability to execute a caller validation process directly into Dynamics CRM for service profiles. The customer can also add quote data from company databases into CRM, perform reporting within CRM, and make that data available to business teams for analysis. Lastly, they implemented security measures and can now restrict access to only authorized policies and quotes at the system level.

Key Benefits

Now the customer has shortened calls and has become more efficient. Their searches within CRM meet a three-second SLA to provide the agent with detailed information on policies pertaining to the caller once validated via Power-Objects’ provided custom screens.

Additionally, this customer utilized one of PowerObjects’ PowerPacks, PowerPhone, to improve their customer experience. This add-on for CRM helps with the customer’s focus on providing a better customer experience for their organization. PowerPhone is a CRM add-on that automatically pops open the record associated with the caller’s phone number. If the caller’s number is related to multiple records, it will pull all related records into a grid where the desired record can be opened. The user can also open a search screen to conduct a manual search for the caller.

This customer implemented PowerPhone so they could identify and validate incoming callers. Search screens were added to retrieve policy data and maintain that data in CRM as well as their internal database. The main reason the customer implemented this solution was because they needed to increase the timeliness of service, or call handling. Additionally, they were running out-of-date applications that were not as efficient with their CRM system.