Manufacturing for Dynamics 365

Learn how you can leverage our powerful sales management, forecasting, and after-market service solutions for the manufacturing industry.

Manufacturing Industry Trends

Trends and changes in IoT and after-market services are shaking up the industry. Manufacturers are moving from being product suppliers to solution providers, driving outcome-based business models, and everything is now “smart-connected.” PowerObjects can help you manage your most critical resources—customers, customer assets, and employees—and deliver a solution that will not only help you ride the wave of industry changes, but take advantage of powerful new technology to streamline your business and grow your bottom line.

The ServSmart Solution

The ServSmart framework is an end-to-end solution that helps organizations view, track, and manage all aspects of their field service process from product to service to repair. ServSmart captures data from a machine, drives that data into Azure IoT, defines the parameters to create an alert within CRM, and provides the analysis to define and refine predictive maintenance.

  • AssetTrack. Provides a 360 degree view of an asset, optimizes asset management, increases remote service efficiency, and reduces operational expenses.
  • Connected Field Service. Increases customer satisfaction by providing support before a customer knows there is even an issue.
  • Azure Data Collection & Machine Learning. Predicts parts and asset failure and automates diagnostics based on fault codes and past service history.
  • Business Intelligence. Provides base visibility and monitoring, including average time to failure, parts performance, and more.
ServSmart Framework

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